MEDICAID TeleHealth Approval:

Montana Medicaid Temporary Suspension of Reauthorization for some programs:

ABA Guidelines for ASD Treatment (BACB):

ABAI Convention Update: Switched to an online event

BACB COVID-19 and ABA ethical update: Ethics for Service Delivery

Fee Schedule for Autism Medicaid Services: (7/1/2019)

State Plan Amendment: Autism Medicaid Treatment Services

Becoming a provider for Autism Medicaid Serivces: enroll as a Montana Medicaid Provider

Tip: From what I understand, if you want to be both the rendering and pay to then you would need to complete the Full Enrollment application for yourself. If you want to be the rendering provider and have Agency be the pay to, then you would complete the Rendering only Enrollment application for yourself and the Agency would need to complete the Full Enrollment application for the "Group/Clinic" provider type.

EPSDT Prior Authorization Request: The first step in obtaining authorization for Autism Medicaid Treatment Services

EPSDT Reauthorization Request: The next step for reauthorizing Autism Medicaid Treatment Services

Directions on submiting EPSDT Prior Authorization Request