Membership Categories

Membership is by the calendar year and is open to all persons interested in or actively engaged in behavor analysis. Note: All membership expire on January 1. 

Full Member ($35): Any individual holding (a) a graduate degree in a discipline directly related to or involving behavior analysis and whose professional commitment includes teaching, research, and/or practice in behavior analysis or an individual who is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. Full members in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on all matters brought before the chapter. 

Affiliate Member ($20): Any individual who has an interest in behavor analysis but does not meet Full membership requirements. You receive all MTABA member benefts, but do not have voting privilege for matter brought before the chapter.

 Corporate Membershp ($500): Annual fee paid by a Montana Business of $500 per calendar year for employees residing in Montana that qualify for full or affiliate membership.

Membership Application