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Public Hearing: Change to Supervision Requirements for Behavior Analysts

What: Change to Supervision Requirements for Behavior Analysts

When: Public hearing via remote conferencing August, 5th @ 9 AM

                406-444-4647 (Local)

                1-833-681-5958 (toll free)

                Meeting ID # 2919016

                Written data, views or arguments may be submitted:

                Board of Psychologists

                301 South Park Ave

                P.O. Box 200513

                Helena, MT 59620-0513

                Fax 406-841-2305

                E-mail [email protected]

                Written correspondence must be received no later than 5pm Aug 7, 2020.

Why: In response to requests from behavior analyst licensees, the board is amending this rule to increase the number of student interns a behavior analyst can supervise. Following licensee feedback that student interns need more opportunities to obtain supervised experience in Montana, the board concluded that behavior analysts are competent to supervise more people than currently allowed and it is reasonably necessary to amend this rule.

On page 5 of the enclosed notice is current recommend changes.